Australian Research Council Discovery Early Career Research Award (DECRA)

University of Sydney


Vulnerability and the Digital Subject

The Digital Criminal Justice Project

Vulnerability and the Digital Subject

Digital technologies, specifically audiovisual links and remote access software, are transforming the essential work of criminal courts. Because of COVID-19, such technologies are enabling virtual hearings and new forms of digital justice.

This project examines the impact of digital criminal justice on vulnerable users. It will develop and refine new concepts of digital justice and digital vulnerability, informed by the conceptual framework of digital criminology, and apply that concept to test existing practices. It will develop recommendations for inclusive justice to better protect the vulnerable under digitised justice. This should significantly benefit policy-makers, practitioners and individuals in developing a fair, inclusive and accessible digital justice system.

Awarded by the Australian Research Council, November 2020

Project dates: 1 July 2021 - 30 June 2024

Dr Carolyn McKay Senior Research Fellow, University of Sydney Law School

Co-Director, Sydney Institute of Criminology

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© Carolyn McKay 2022

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